Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Joyous Day

A Joyous Day

Chirp, chirp. Bright and early in the morning the birds started to sing. Their beautiful song filling the air like a fluffy cloud in the light blue sky. It was eight o'clock on a Saturday and Lisette was getting ready to attend her cousin Courtney's sweet sixteen. She got up, washed her face and shrugged into her aqua green dress. The dress fit Lisette perfectly around her waist. It was a birthday gift from her aunt and she had been asked to wear it during the party. Even though the party didn't start until seven o'clock at night, she couldn't wait to try it on just once.

Lisette ran down the steps to the kitchen. Her parents and older brother had already eaten their breakfast at the table and were cleaning up. 

"Good morning everyone." Lisette announced happily. 

"Good morning Lisette," Her mom and dad replied in unison. Her brother Clark just nodded his head as a hello. As they got up, Lisette sat down. Clark exited the kitchen to his room, her mom was getting started on the dishes, and her dad was reading the newspaper. She had a huge grin on her face. She couldn't wait to go to Courtney's party. She's never been to one as a matter of fact. Her friends all just turned fifteen and she was still waiting for her turn in July. 

"So are you excited to go to Courtney's party?" her mother asked. 

"Definitely," she replied. "You  know the aqua green dress Aunt Becky got me for my birthday?"

Her mother nodded. 

"Well, I really want to wear it for the first time at her party," Lisette said. "You know, since it's the first time I'll be going to one."

"Of course you can sweetie," her mom said. "I'm just worried you'll spill something on it and stain it. 

"Don't worry, I won't." Lisette promised. She helped her mom with the dishes, and then put them away. She ran up to her room and started reading and drawing, counting the hours till the party. She even fell asleep for two hours!

"Lisette!" her mom called out. "It's time to go!"

"Coming!" Lisette replied while going down the steps with caution. She really didn't want anything to happen to her new dress. She had others she liked, but this one had to be her favorite.

It was seven o'clock and the sun was setting. Its colors were fading away slowly, as if it was the last time you would ever see it. Lisette and her family walked outside greeted with a cool breeze hitting their faces. The lights from their house raided with moths, causing their shadows to dance in the dark.

An hour late they arrived. There was light shining through all the large windows in the house. Lisette knew the party had already started. She took a deep breath. They all walked toward the front door and were greeted by a middle aged woman with her hair in a bun. 

"Hello Jane, Andrew, Clark, Lisette," aunt Becky said looking at all of us. "Come in it's cold outside. Come in."

Lisette walked inside and started looking around at all the decorations hung up on the walls. "Whoa," she said in awe. She stood near her parents and in an instant they disappeared, but she didn't care. She knew her aunt's house inside and out. 

"Lisette!" Courtney yelled. Lisette turned around and looked at Courtney across the room with a smile a mile wide. She walked towards Courtney with a swing in her step. This is going to be fun, she thought. 

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