Saturday, April 9, 2016

Striving for Balance By Isha Iftikhar

Striving for Balance 
By Isha Iftikhar 

Life is marked by highs and lows. 
Both are essential to appreciate what we already possess. 
You should strive for balance. 
A balance between the high points in your life.  
A balance between the low points in your life. 
You should never give up through the lows, 
and always stay humble through highs. 
The highest point in your life is like Mount Everest. 
The lowest point in life is like the Dead sea. 
They’re on opposite ends of the earth, 
But both, like life, signify as a high or low point. 
Without one you wouldn’t appreciate the other. 
So stay hopeful through the lows. 
Stay humble through the highs, 
and strive for balance no matter which way your life tips, 
creating your own path. 

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