Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Business Letter to Nike By: Isabella DiFulvio

One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005

October 25, 2015

Isabella DiFulvio
43403 Stukely Drive
Sterling, VA 20166

Dear Nike,
Nike is one of my favorite athletic clothes brands, and I have everything from your soccer cleats to your shin guards and to your running shoes. Whenever I go out shopping I always stop by your outlet store or Dick’s Sporting Goods to see if you have anything new on sale. All of your products that I’ve purchased so far are of great quality and work perfectly. I especially love your soccer cleats, sweat pants, and your running shoes.
Your Nike Rally Loose pants are comfortable, warm, and snug. I have them in black and they match with any t-shirt or sneakers. I wear them when I go to the store or to school or on any average day. The size women’s XS fits me like it was tailored just for me. The cuffed ankle and soft interior makes the pants excellent for any occasion.
I also have a pair of your Nike Free 5.0 running shoes. I got them a while ago so I’m not exactly sure about the exact model. They are fantastic, and I love how comfortable and light they feel on my feet. The molded sock liner additionally adds extra support and comfort. Also they run a little bit wider which is perfect for my foot. I have them in a neon orange color and they stand out in a crowd.
My absolute favorite product of yours so far are your Tiempo Legacy FG soccer cleats. I got them about two months ago, and they are providing me with excellent traction and comfortability. My feet are slightly wider and these cleats give me comfort that no other brand has. The forefoot stitching is almost like a cushion which allows me to have superb ball control and the Hypershield outer layer that hugs my foot grants me the ability to make crisp passes. The Tiempo Legacy FG cleat is definitely the best pair of cleats I have ever owned.
            You guys have done an exceptional job with combining comfortability, style and quality into all of your products. I wanted to write this letter to say how great this brand is and how much I love it. I hope you guys keep designing good quality and stylish products.

Thank You,

Isabella DiFulvio


  1. Did you send it? Excellent work as usual!

  2. why didnt you compliment the soccer products they are lit


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