Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Socratic Seminar - Hero Poems

Critical Thinking, Inquiry and Wonder

The Window Questions:  These should be the primary focus of your discussion and preparation.

Are Heroes/Villains Born or Made?

How has the definition of a hero changed over time?

From where does courage come in trying times?

How do our decisions shape our identity?

What are the differences between "real world heroes" and heroes of lore?


You can reread the poems here


Just some of the other ideas you may consider:

What is the most important word in this poem?
How does this poem remind me of other poems/stories?


Prepare for the seminar by reading the text, preparing your notes, and thinking about connections between this story, other stories we have read in class and other stories you, or your classmates, researched during the project.


The Setup


The Rubric

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