Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our Infinite Time
By Rubbiya Azhar
My enemy oh what a catastrophe It’s a shame
How we still find possibilities and endless eternities
Still can we change? No indeed, we still find methods to end the mistakes
 That we have forsaken from before the human race, is it not a case?
Will we ever wonder or find answers and end in vain?
Yes indeed because we are all curious minds looking for time.
Time, a term so vague with such distinctive allegory
A term, no, an excuse used to find hidden meanings
Throughout space and throughout time
There is always a hidden mystery from the human race a question and
Not an answer but more questions.
We live in hatred and defeat and can’t stop
Looking and tempting to keep track of that dreadful sound of “tick tock”. That time
The memory that faded and that living who hated
We all created this vague entertaining time.
Time is our enemy, some days your too late and
Before you know it is what it is,
Our mistakes.
We shake realizing it’s too late to change
That’s when you’re unsure from the difference and
The same.
We can go back and take back from before, yes
Believe me, we’ll get there
To share our memory of memories.
Keep track and don’t hold back its
The choice we make that moves forth with yet of coarse
Time, yes time.

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