Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Rock a Book Report :)

       How To Rock Glasses and Braces is the best story I’ve read in a while. This story is the best story for anyone going into middle school or high school and they have braces or glasses. Kacey Simon is the main character in this story, and she’s the popular girl in school, but not only is she popular, she’s truthfully mean. She’s also the school’s reporter and the star of the school play. She made a mistake by not taking her eye drops and got an eye infection. She was then required to wear glasses until the infection went away.

       If that wasn’t bad enough, at her best friend’s party, she slips on the ice and wakes up at the dentist’s office. She is told that she’s getting braces and she feels like it’s the end of her world. She now has a lisp and she has to wear these horrible glasses. With the help of her ex-best friend, Paige Greene, and Zander, a guy from an indie rock band, she seems to be getting her life back on track.

        I can relate to the main character, Kacey Simon. She thought it was the end of the world when she got braces. I felt like people wouldn’t like me when I got braces and they would avoid me like a plague. I wasn’t fond of getting glasses either and Kasey felt the same way. With the help of my true friends I was okay with having braces and glasses. Also, my parents helped me love my look like Kacey’s mom did in the story.

       This story is quite relatable to girls of any age. They feel like changing themselves will change how people will think of them. Most people also strive for popularity like Kacey did. This story shows that you should choose to do what you love instead of doing things that others want you to do. In the book, Kasey shows this by choosing to be in the band with Zander instead of being friends with Molly again. This book eventually became so popular that it became the base for the former Nickelodeon show “How to Rock”.

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