Friday, February 16, 2018

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Joya Del Pacifico

We rode in a bus a little over an hour to the Joya De Pacifico, a beach called Costa Del Sol.  All alone on the beach we watched the Pacific Ocean stretch out in front of us while the San Vincente Volcan loomed behind.  We spent the day under palm leaf cabana enjoying the sun.  An evening drive up the coast brought us to another port town call La Libertad where we had a great meal of Pesco Frito watching an amazing sun set over the ocean.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

El Salvador Today

I arrived in San Salvador just in time to watch my team win the Superbowl - a lifetime coming.  On Monday I got acquainted with my surroundings and visited the US Embassy.  Yesterday I visited three sites of ancient Mayan ruins, many of which were buried under lava during volcanic eruptions.  Every way you look there is a visible volcano.  The excavation of these sites is interesting.  I finished up with lunch overlooking Lago de Coatepeque - picturesque.

Today I am off to visit the Pacific Ocean!

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Map - Odysseus

Archetypes, Heroes and Villains

Archetype - Examples and Definition of Archetype: "Archetype Definition

In literature, an archetype is a typical character, an action or a situation that seems to represent such universal patterns of human nature.

An archetype, also known as universal symbol, may be a character, a theme, a symbol or even a setting. Many literary critics are of the opinion that archetypes, which have a common and recurring representation in a particular human culture or entire human race, shape the structure and function of a literary work.

Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist, argued that the root of an archetype is in the “collective unconscious” of mankind. The phrase “collective unconscious” refers to experiences shared by a race or culture. This includes love, religion, death, birth, life, struggle, survival etc. These experiences exist in the subconscious of every individual and are recreated in literary works or in other forms of art."

"[T]he journey of the hero … I consider the pivotal myth that unites the spiritual adventure of ancient heroes with the modern search for meaning. As always, the hero must venture forth from the world of common-sense consciousness into a realm of supernatural wonder. There he encounters fabulous forces--demons and angels, dragons and helping spirits. After a fierce battle he wins a decisive victory over the powers of darkness. Then he returns from his mysterious adventure with the gift of knowledge or of fire, which he bestows on his fellow man.

"Whenever the social structure of the unconscious is dissolved, the individual has to take a heroic journey within to find new forms. The biblical tradition, which provided the structuring myth for Western culture, is largely ineffective … So there must be a new quest."

Joseph Campbell, interviewed by Sam Keen, in "Man & Myth: A Conversation with Joseph Campbell,” Psychology Today, July 1971

Mrs. Whittington English 9: Create a Monster

Mrs. Whittington English 9: Create a Monster:

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