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Poetry Outloud

Thanks Mrs. Whittington - blog post adapted from

Your assignment is to memorize/present a poem as part of the school-wide Poetry Outloud contest. 
If you would like to compete in the Poetry Out Loud National Competition, your poem must be from the anthology list and must be memorized.
If you do not want to compete beyond the classroom, the poem does not have to be from anthology, but it must be approved by your teacher and must be a minimum of 10 lines. Presentation does not have to be completely memorized. 
Optional Summative: Be nominated to go to Poetry Out Loud School competition by your teacher. If you are not nominated and would still like the 25pt summative, you must preform a poem from the anthology in front of another 9th grade class or at a public place, for example, your local coffee shop. This presentation must be recorded and shown to me for proof and grading. This must be completed by 11/17.

Poetry Out L…

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