Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Personal Narrative

July 5th, 2016
Ramstein Air Force Base, Ramstein, Germany

7:30 am 3 hours before we had to leave
“Time to wake up, Ashlynn,” my mom said while opening the door to my room.
As I opened my eyes, I realized today was the day. The day my whole life changes, again. I didn’t want to move, but I had to. Leaving behind a life I was familiar with was always hard. I could feel it swiftly building up in the pit of my stomach. The panic always came with this feeling. I didn’t want to cry. Crying didn’t change the fact of what was happening. Sitting up to get ready I just went through the motions.

Walking into the dinky kitchen in our tiny TLF housing my mom said 2 hours and 30 minutes before we had to leave “Your dad went and got Dunkin Donuts for everyone”
All I could do was nod my head and walk past. The donuts only put more heaviness into my heart. The Dunkin Donuts place in the Exchange just opened. I mean I’m probably going to get it in America, but it just reminded me of the experiences I could’ve had with my friends there. My brother and sister were sitting on the couch watching Teen Titans Go. Looks like they had everything they needed. Nobody was at the table, so I sat there enjoying my donuts the best I could.
“Ash you have 15 minutes to get the rest of your stuff together hurry up” my dad expressed.

“I know, dad,” I exclaimed, getting up to throw away the rest of my trash.

I left my phone and kindle plugged in for a few more minutes. The time flew by; next thing I know I’m walking outside to where our friends are standing. Mr. Andrew and Ms.  Kim the parents of one of my best friends.

“Hey Ashlynn,” Ms.Kim said in her overly happy voice.

Chucking my bags in the back her car I walked over to Mr.  Andrew’s car to hop in. I waited and waited. Every second that passed the feeling would keep growing. Hate is a strong word, but I used it for these feelings. I felt anxious, sad, stressed. “Finally,” I thought as my dad and Mr.  Andrew rushed into the car. I looked at all the familiar things as we passed by. All the houses were exactly the same color, but each had its own unique feel to it. Kind of like a million different stars in the sky, each one looks the same when you look at it from the ground, but when you got closer you could see the difference . The dancing and karate studio were exactly the same color as the houses.Next door,  the grass of the soccer field was as green as Mike Wazowski, you know that green guy from Monsters Inc. Donnelly Park was right next to the soccer field, and it was a couple of blocks down from my house. This park wasn’t any fun anymore after they took out the slides on the hill. The streets were all named after a state form the US. Mine was Vermont Circle, the street I lived on for the past 4 years. My house 1063 B was right across from Mr.  Andrew’s and Ms.  Kim’s.

Gabby and her sisters were waiting outside on the porch to say goodbye. Even though I’ve only known Gabby for a year and a half, it feels like I’ve known her my whole life.

“Hey Ashlynn,” Gabby said while I got out of the car.

“Hey Gabby,” I tried my best to fake a smile but I couldn’t.

“I guess this is goodbye.” Gabby exclaimed.

“I guess so,” I said.

Hugging her family was easier than hugging her. Blinking the tears back I pulled away. I smiled one more time at my best friend,  a person who I’ve grown close to in the past year and a half.
By the time we got to the airport we had an 1 hour and 30 minutes. Walking towards the front I saw Jaycee and her family standing there. Before walking in, my parents wanted a picture of all the kids.

“Say goodbye Germany,” Mrs. Jennifer said while taking her picture.

Reaching the stairs we had to find our gate. Stopping by another gate we said goodbye. I saved hugging Jaycee for last. As I hugged her she started crying.

“ You're gonna make me cry,” I said.

“ I can’t help it,” she exclaimed between each heart wrenching sob.

“This isn’t a goodbye though this is just a see you later,”  I told her trying to hold back my own  tears.

As we waved goodbye one last time we turned to walk up the stairs. Waiting in the long line at security was hard. 1 hour and 30 minutes turned to 1 hour. By the time we sat down in the waiting area we only had to wait 15 minutes. The time finally hit 11:00; we could board now. The past 4 years were the best of my life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I met friends I’ll have for the rest of my life. As I sat on the seat when the plane started to take off I realized it was time to let go. So I did. A new adventure was going to start when this plane landed. Who knows what it would bring? It was finally time for a new start.

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  1. Ashlynn, this piece has great spirit! I think you are a great storyteller, and I really like that your piece has a feeling of hope at the end. Excellent use of dialogue.


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