Wednesday, June 10, 2015


There is an essence in each object.
This essence,
consisting of different elements,
represents different factors of life.

Taking advantage of the essence can create beautiful things.
Farming can be done faster.
Landscaping is easier than imagined.
Natural resources are at our fingertips.

Taking advantage of this life force can put man in control of nature.
Or so he thinks….

Nature has a mind of its own.
There is a delicate balance of power between man and the environment.
And if man is taking too much control of the environment,
Nature will fight back in order to restore equilibrium.

Nature will bring about a vile wave of famine,
and mutant creatures beyond anyone’s imagination.

Today, we are at the brink of thriving or dying.
We can bring back a world of hope,
Use the essence for the positive.
Or we can continue to move forward,
abuse the essence,
and let nature take over the human population.

The choice is yours.

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