Monday, December 1, 2014

The Struggle

I feel like I’m being ripped apart.
Nothing good will come out of this.
I feel my heart twinge as he says goodbye.
I want to scream, “NO!”
But no words form on my dry tongue.
Would he listen to me?
No, he wouldn’t, not now.

I struggle to hold in my tears.
My heart stops working, and I let it.
I don’t have anything to live for now.
I stand tall,
Raise my head,
And smile,
Though on the inside,
I’m collapsing.
I keep a poker face as I walk into school.
Why must people mock me so?
They are so happy,
They have a happy life,
Yet here I am, dealing with a soul crippling from a loss.
Here I am, dying on the inside.
I can never be happy again; unless he comes back.

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