Wednesday, May 31, 2017


The word smile.
It’s an action.
It’s idea.
It’s an option.

It’s a simple word.
That puts happiness in it’s place.
That replaces sadness.
That shows laughs and smiles.  
But some people don’t want joy.
They want satisfaction.

You can’t fight if you have nothing to fight for.
You can’t win if you don’t want to.
You can’t dream if you don't work to achieve it.
You can’t play if you don’t take it seriously.
You can’t let life loose if you don’t get up and fight back.

After all these years,
After all these months,
After all these days,
After all these hours,
After all these minutes,
After all these seconds,
After all these miliseconds,
You still haven’t realized,
I have given up everything for you.
Some of those everythings,
Cannot be returned.

Let the summer days bring joy.
Let the spring days bring calm.
Let the fall days bring chill.
Let the winter days bring enjoyment.

When I look at you,
I get butterflies.
When you look at me,
You look at me as if I did something wrong.
When I talk to you,
I’m a nervous wreck.
When you talk to me,
You show no interest.
When I laugh with you,
I act like I’m in love with you.
When you laugh with me,
You’re actually laughing at me.
So why I do love you?
I have absolutely no idea.

They lock us.
They trap us.
They restrain us.
They slowly,
But surely,

Kill us.

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