Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"My Broken Heart" by: "Alex" Miller

………….My Broken Heart………….

My broken heart
Two pieces;
Two pieces of one,
two pieces under the sun.
It's cold, but warm.
It’s my broken heart.
No one can fix
the darkness and demons, so run like you don’t want to be hurt.
My broken heart;
My broken heart is a waste of space.
No one can replace
the aches that grow every day.
No one can ever know I'll be okay.
I have a broken heart.
What was once filled with love and innocence
is now filled with pain and heartache.
My broken heart will never be the same, but
It's wild now, never to be tamed.
Run as you will, run as you may,
my heart will never be okay.
It's broken, it's hollow
it will never see the light of tomorrow,
and it cries tears of sorrow.
It's been hearing lies.
it always cries,
but sadly never dies.

That’s my broken heart.

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