Sunday, November 8, 2015

Where Are You? - Shareen Shaik

Where Are You? 

We called you downstairs for Momma's Sunday dinner,
Mashed Potatoes and Fried Chicken,
Your favorite,
But, where are you?

The window was open and the curtains danced swiftly to the tempo of the wind,
Calling your name,
But, where are you?

Michael jumped on his bike and left
Momma is crying unbearably
Daddy's mind wanders off
Where are you?

We are supposed to be each other's strengths,
But we are instead weaknesses
What have you done to us?
Where are you?

The police are outside interrogating the neighbors,
The twins are peeking through the windows watching curiously
Our home doesn't feel like a home anymore
Where are you?

I'm suddenly the new spotlight in school,
Teachers reassured me 
Your friends walked me to my classes,
The prinicpal said I could stay home,
But that would only remind me of you.

Each of us held a candle,
Not budging even though the rain pelted us,
"God guide us through our hard times,
And bring back our Mia to us!"

Our kitchen is filled with stacks of food,
Pies, cakes, casseroles, and who could forget Mrs. Smith's turkey,
But we haven't ate a proper morsel since you had left,
Where are you?

It's been 5 days Mia!
Momma's throwing up nonstop,
Daddy isn't home anymore,
Michael doesn't stop drinking
And I...
I sit on the roof because of the fresh air
And knowing you are elsewhere beyond!

We were emotionally and physically shattered,
We stopped believing,
Our thoughts questioned us
But one unexpected phone call ended it all.

They found you
"Hold on Mia girl we are coming!" 

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