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The First Week of High School

Sharan Patnaik              
September 7th,2015

The First Week of High School
The night before school started I was tossing and turning in bed as thoughts and questions flooded my head. Are the teachers mean? How much homework will they give us? Is high school anything like the movies…High School Musical, Mean Girls, Disney Channel, Clueless, and Grease?
The next morning as I was getting ready I couldn’t help but think about how I’ve changed since the beginning of middle school. From my sense of style and always being studious and quiet, I’ve broken out of my shell. I think that starting my first day in high school is going to be a great chapter in my life and will help me figure out who I am. I’ve also realized that my first day is nothing like the movies at all. When a popular person walks in the school, nobody makes a path for them like they do in High School Musical and Clueless.  Walking through the halls I’ve also noticed that everybody has a friend, or people that are willing to be one. Jocks with varsity jackets don’t actually shove small geeky lowerclassmen into lockers.
The second day of school was a little easier to adjust to. During the day all the teachers would be doing some “get to know you” games and explaining the rules, informing us about supplies that we needed to get. Same old boring stuff, which we need to listen for seven hours straight, for two days. Talk about fun.
Lunch is really different because now you don’t have teachers walking around monitoring you like you’re two. You don’t have to raise your hand to get up and you can sit wherever you want. Once again lunch in realistic high school doesn’t consist of the populars bullying you if you sit at their table. There is no second story in the cafeteria where someone will be singing and a flash mob will start, then everyone stares at one person yelling “NO NO NOOO STICK TO THE STATUS QUO!” Everyone encourages each other to try new things.
Wednesday I realized that teachers expect you to do your homework neatly, assignments on time, straight A’s, check their website because everything is online now. And you have no excuse not to get it done.
That night lying in bed, I thought to myself, this is freshman year, your third day in high school. You will most likely not be able to spend time with Danny Zuko, the T Birds and Pink Ladies at the racetrack every day. You won’t be able to go shopping every weekend or not worry about homework or the test you have that day. Yes there will be time for fun as long as you aren’t sabotaging the mean girls. Nobody has two bright pink lockers with extra clothes hanging, shelves, and  a mirror etc. There is more to high school than jocks, cheerleaders and stereotypes.

Friday finally came along and everybody was exhausted. It seemed to be the longest first week of school ever. High school is fun and you have freedom, more choices to do things. People are there to help you if life ever gets tough, teachers you can trust, friends you can count on. High school isn’t like the movie at all. In the first week of high school I learned that it’s the place where we make mistakes, get our hearts broken, our brains stretched beyond capacity, but it’s also the time to be adventurous, daring, spirited. It’s where you find out who you are. This is the place where our lives change forever.

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