Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Dog Didn't Eat It

My Dog Didn't Eat It

I was given so much time
to finish up these rhymes,
but I waited till the night before,
and now I am screwed for sure.

But it's not really my defect
that I didn't finish this project.
My red and abandoned fish, Fred, died
when my brother threw him outside.

My clothes got wet,
so I got an idea set.
I caused a fire to go by
when I threw them in the microwave to dry.

My hair was a flowing, shiny river streaming
down my shoulders, before I began thunderingly screaming
when it instantly mutated into a massive frizz ball
in the stickiest, most humid morning of all!

In a rainy afternoon, I went out to the patio
to munch on some crispy, green pistachios.
On a spur of a moment, I was blinded when lightening struck!
I would be paralyzed in a coma, if I had not ducked.

Every time I started to work,
I felt my phone staring at me like a jerk.
You ought to believe me!
This project is bad luck…please agree.

I'm working on it at this minute.
Something will surely happen to it.
Wait a second! What is this?
A poem of my excuses to end my crisis!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! You are the student publisher of 2015-16! What a great poem and a real demonstration of your sense of humor. I really like the brave irony of turning in a piece about the difficulty of writing a piece!LOL Do you write a lot of poetry of this type?


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