Friday, August 28, 2015

Hack This Class

  • Publish your work!  Share/Post more of your best quality work on this blog on other publishing venues.  This should be work that you are most proud of and is worthy of exhibition.
  • Label or tag your blog posts for easy indexing.
  • Write, sketch, draw, create, compose, color in your writer's notebook daily.
  • Revise, resubmit and take advantage of writing conferences – your commitment to the Process Writing Project gives you complete control of your grade in this class.
  • Constructively comment on your classmates' blog posts.  The blog is a valuable extension of the classroom.  Be an active participant.
  • Read as many books as you can, keep a record of what you read, and talk about them in class.
  • Always use evidence from the book to prove your point – and cite the page number!

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