Thursday, June 4, 2015


It’s a disease of the mind,
A mountain that’s too hard to climb.
Voices ringing,
Angels singing,
Trying harder to forget the pain,
I’m not to blame!

My mind is tearing itself apart,
And blood is flowing.
This game is way too hard,
And my anger’s growing.

My heart reaches out to the forgotten,
Wishing the past never happened.
Voices screaming!
The angels aren’t redeeming.
I see faces throughout my passing life,
Why can’t I get through all this strife?
Make them stop.
I said make them stop!

I’m left with my thoughts,
Something I wish I was without.
Ignore it!
They tell me I’m okay,
When I don’t have a say.
I’ve had enough!

I’ve got no idea,
I’m clouded by dementia.
They say I am a madman.
Sporadic and ecstatic,
I’m breaking old habits,
By staying in the dark,
A bite sharper than my bark,
I’m babbling on about nothing,
When I’m talking about something,
Something I need isn’t there,
It’s not fair!
They say I am a madman,
And that’s who I am.


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