Monday, June 15, 2015

Around The Clock

12 AM,
A new beginning,
Families are fast asleep,
Students are still doing homework,
College kids still out partying,
No care in the world,
Around the clock.

1 AM,
Students falling to sleep,
Leaving papers incomplete,
Cabs are called,
Lonely on the streets,
On the other side of the world,
Stretching on the streets,
India wakes up,
Around the clock.

5 AM,
Early birds rise with the sun,
Grandparents go out for a run,
Children wake up and look at the clock,
Then destroy the clock and then go to sleep,
Around the clock.

7 AM
A fresh day begins,
A morning rush in New York City,
Traffic building up,
Students crying and being dragged to school,
The bells ring at high noon in London,
Tea cups are raised in unison,
Around the clock.

9 AM,
School bells ring,
Work has begun,
Coffee mugs are empty,
The weekend is done,
Around the clock.

12 PM
Lunch is served!
Hungry people across the eastern states rush to food,
And so a food rush begins,
Time for business deals,
Time for a break,
Time to relax and rejuvenate,
Around the clock.
5 PM
Time to go home,
Rush hour begins,
People rushing to get home to their families,
Kids playing outside with friends,
Teenagers hitting the books,
And so the evening begins,
Around the clock.

9 PM
Dinner time,
Time to finish off the day with a peaceful meal,
Families sit down together to have food,
“How was your day?”
Teenagers are still pulling through with their homework,
No hassle, no care,
Just family time,
Around the clock.

11:59 PM
The end of one day is just the beginning of a new one. 


  1. nice poem, i really like it specially the last paragraph reminds me of a story i read.
    How long do I take the poem ?


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