Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pathway to Success

Pathway to Success
By:  Sreya Palnati
I remember that day perfectly,
Tears running down my face.
Dead cold stares on me,
A shattered grey vase.

Impossible, you say,
This dream of mine I’m dreaming.
But I’ve got lots of hope,
I’ve done some persevering.

Some days being fun with happy rainbows,
Other days filled with sadness.
I didn’t what was going on,
Or how do deal with this madness.

One day you told me about a song,
How it might help.
But then you never let me hear it,
Letting me feel the feelings I felt.

Soon I find out about a poem,
That shows me the pathway,
A very important one indeed.
Now I see everything in color instead of only grey.

We’re grown up now,
We know a little more too.
You know I’m living the life

That you’ve always wanted to.


  1. It's awesome! I think it would be even better with some epic and dramatic music in the background

    I have suggestions if you need any

  2. Woahhh intense bruh, that's really good, you could really be a mysterious motivational speaker


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