Saturday, November 8, 2014

High School Poem- Susannah Sage

High School
The shrill yet steady beep,
Awakens you from your sleep,
Groans of irritation,
The strong realization of the comfort you can no longer keep,

Today is the day you return to that place,
Its tall intimidating walls,
Several hours of strong distaste,
Walking the crowded halls,

Returning to homework and projects,
A plus, B minus, and C’s,
A simple letter that means so much,
Working hard to keep up,

There’s that one class that you dread,
It truly just isn’t your strength,
You would choose any class over this,
Its time seems to double in length,

There’s also that class that’s your favorite,
 You can’t wait to be there again,
Looking forward to it all day,
You love it so much when you stay,

Then you start thinking, school isn’t all bad,
You’re suddenly given more freedom,
There’s dances and games filled with laughter,
Lunchtime with friends, cracking up after,

You hop out of bed and get ready,
For what the day will hold,
Take the good with the bad, be prepared,

High school has great things I’m told.


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