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Q1 Reflection Summary of Responses

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What Works? Determine which aspect of the class benefits you most. Describe what this aspect is and why it is helpful.

The presentations really do help me with communication. They help me interact with the class, especially when the students make comments to improve my presentation ability. More presentations could help me become a better presenter for this class and others.
Reading because I like to read
the aspect of class that benefits me is being able to hear people verbally discuss different stories and hearing people present their stories.
reading lots of short stories keeps the class engaging. this opens up my knowledge of stories.
This class is laid back, and that allows me to create or present my best work.
I think being able to have reading time during class and being able to have fun in class helps me enjoy english more than i have in the past.
I like how you give us time to read our books
What we are doing right now.
The style of discussions we have are what works for me. And, the way that I'm allowed to be creative with my work also works for me.
what works for me the most is the fact that we don't have tests or quizzes. Tests and quizzes often stress me out and this just relieves me a lot.
Videos Movies and when Mr. Koch gets so excited and enthusiastic about telling us stories
i dont know
I like being around my friends it makes me feel more comfortable
The in class time for projects. The independent reading because I can read books on my level.
I am not sure, I haven't been in this class since the start of school.
I really enjoy writing the process papers, and the critic process, I like that you are realllly flexible in grading, it helps me learn better as well. I really like the independent reading time each class, and the groups when we talk about our books.
I like the freedom you allow us in the classroom.
How you grade our papers. I like how if it's not an A quality then you help us out with what we need to but at the same time your not telling us what to do or telling us where to put the punctuation and stuff
Doing the storyteller project was fun. It benefited me because I got to present in front of the whole class. Its helpful because maybe it would help kids not being nervous.
I love how we get to keep editing and revising our papers until they are perfect. It gives me a feeling of accomplish and has helped me enjoy writing more.
The process writing helps me the most because it helps me the writing skills.
I like how we get to pick our own books to read, and not you giving us a book that we might not enjoy. For me, it's hard to find a book that I'll like, not many books interest me. But when I find a good plot line, I'm hooked and I won't stop until I finish it.
Clarity on assignments(But we mostly have that)
The way of allowing students to share their thoughts and ideas about what they know. It's helpful for future jobs, not necessarily after college work.
what works best for me is the class reading in the morning i enjoy reading
The presentations work because they help us to improve public speaking.
Everything in the class is going perfectly right now. Eating in class, class is always active, Koch is a great teacher, the way Koch teaches
Working with groups. Independent reading.
I like the freedom we have in this class and how nobody is doing the exact same this as another. I like this because it allows students to express themselves.
I like the independence, and I like the writing assignments.
What works for me is an active classroom environment with interesting twists on traditional education. This works for me best because it provides for a much more engaging setting for learning.
i like the projects and discussing topics with the whole class
I like how we don't have tests or quizzes and we just work on papers for homework.
i like the oral presentations iily mr koch maro motano
Not that many restrictions on papers and projects. I think it's great that we have the opportunity to present information in any form or kind. I also like the blog because I get to see other students' works and can get ideas from them.
no point in explaining it...
Being able to return a process writing for a better grade is very helpful.
This class works very well for me, because it is a very independent class. It is independent in the sense that you give us an assignment and we do it. That's it. I also enjoy the time you allow us to read and that we have time to discuss what we are reading. Another pro to this class is that we have the ability to turn our pieces of writing multiple times.
The process writings
the process writing
It helps that most homework is given longer amounts of time to get it done. It makes homework more manageable.
i Like when we read for 20 mins because it helps me read more.
The Presentations help and the time we get to get our process writings done
I like that we have little homework and simple tasks.
I really like fun projects as long as they're not too much work.
Everything benefits me
Well... I flow is really good. Meaning that there are never any points in the class that I am bored or watching the clock. The classroom is always energetic and welcoming. The work load is just fine. And everything that I don't mention negatively works as well.
I think having discussions are very helpful, and can help me understand writing/reading better. When we have discussions we can listen to other's comments, that we probably didn't think of, and if we didn't understand something, the discussion might make it easier to understand.
I enjoy how flexible this class is. It's my only academic class that I haven't really been able to worry about, as you've given all of us ample time to complete assignments. The class has no tests or written activities, and I appreciate that very much.
The Process writing is very helpful because I've always been really bad at writing and this really helps me improve. The peer editing is helpful too because it helps me realize how my writing feels to others.
When we peer edit the papers we write
I like the reading 20 min it really helps and
The blog and vision for you because it helps me keep track of what happends
I like how I always know what is going on and don't ever get "lost" during class. I like that we have a lot of computer lab time and I also like how this class is laid back. I also think it is good that you don't assign us an overload of homework.
I really enjoy this class and the way you teach. I think the thing that helps me the most is that you do not treat us like kids. I also like reading stories as a class.
The stress-free and supportive environment! For every paper I am able to get many classmates to look at it and show their perspective, while still having time to work on their own. I can focus on getting better as a writer without worrying about the grade. :)
I like that we don't have many tests and quizzes, because I get very stressed for those. I also like that we have the chance to correct our papers as many times as we want
The ideology of this class is wonderful and gives students a surplus of time to work on assigned projects. The process writing is wonderful and the fact that we are allowed to edit and correct the papers gives us several benefits; one being a chance to improve grades.
The fact that we can revise our papers until it is flawless.
I enjoyed how students have long term papers that must be completed and perfect by the end of the semester. Along with that we are given multiple times to edit and revise the papers.
An aspect that works in this class is the process papers. Two week due dates work well for me and the way that the papers replace doing tests and quizzes.
Videos that explain what were learning about
I like having discussions in class because I find it helpful to talk about things in order to understand things more in the class. For example, when we read a story as a class, I like how we talk about it afterward and analyze the story.
our freedom to do work our way
Having time to read because I don't have much time at home, giving us time to do work, making it a fun class, and having you as my teacher, Mr. Koch.
Reading in class for the first twenty minutes of class. This helps me because I can finish up my books and improve my vocabulary.
I like that we have independent reading and that we do many group activities.
the independent reading time helps. i dont read a ton at home mostly because im really lazy or forgetful, so having this time to read is helps because i know that reading is helpful and can improve my vocabulary.
The process writing papers
I think that doing presentations worked a lot, because you can apply your knowledge and what you've learned directly.
When we check papers with a partner it helps me see my errors.
I like how we have choices, we aren't all doing the same ting.
the "freedom" we have. A very friendly environment.
Independent Reading time and Mr. Koch read out loud to us help me the most.
I like to go into reading and writing conferences so I can reflect better on both my reading and writing.
Getting extra time for projects as well as essays.
Reading a book because you get to learn new words.
Having the teacher explain what where learning is helpful because i get the material more
the free range that Mr. Koch gives us
20 minutes of reading
I like how in this class we get to be more independent and work and read on our own sometimes.
I like getting time to do process papers during class.
The aspect for reading more books and doing group conversation.
Everything works pretty good. works on my schedule.
I highly enjoy the learning style of this class as knowledge is being tested through assignments, not tests
When we present orally with power-point's or something you let the class give the presenter feedback. Its awesome because instead poking in the dark not knowing what you did right or wrong, they complement you and then give you advice on your next presentation.
What really works for me is the spacing out of Process Writings. It's nice to know your only homework is reading and writing consistently. I also really like the environment of the classroom, it is really positive and calm.
I think the most helpful to me is listening. This is helpful to me because it helps me remember and learn the material better.
The way you teach and not much homework (other than reading)
I like how we discuss a lot in class. I also like how the process papers work.
Process Writing Paper helps me improve my grammar. It will benefit me because when I go to university, I have to do a lot of essay and I can't make any grammar error. The presentation make me more confidence to talk in front of people.
The IR for 20 min, helps start the day
how you can edit your papers multiple time, its a relaxed class

Process Writing

Reflect on the Process Writing Project implemented this semester. What about the process is the most helpful? What is the biggest hindrance? Explain why your final draft is/is not better as a result of the process.

It was boring/uninteresting and you should find more fun, energetic, ways to make us prove our knowledge instead of just talking for 10 minutes straight.
I like the process writing project because even though I may think that my rough draft is good, I am able to catch minor mistakes as well as improve my writing further with this.
It helps you with grammar, how to write an essay or letter. These skills will help you in college. My final draft is better because I had a writing conference with Mr. Koch.
My final drafts are better because they are revised by my peers and given back if not ready to publish.
the best part of the proc3ess is the peer revision, because it allows others like us to give us feedback
It gave me an idea on how to write better. Like Mr. Koch giving his opinions, that's extremely helpful for me.
I think being able to re-submit papers is awesome! Most of the time there are some mistakes that my proof-readers don't see, and having points taken off of a paper for something I looked over is aggravating. Being able to read your feedback and correct my papers afterward is really cool.
I like the process because you get feedback from peers and the opportunity to change the piece, edit, and revise until it's perfect. I don't have any problems with it. My final draft is often better because I have had the time to revise and revise as needed.
the biggest hindrance is that I am not in class all the time so I miss things and I don't get to get my paper pure revised
The revisions from peers and Mr. Koch help me see errors within my writing.
The Process Writing Project actually lets me realize what's wrong with the papers I turn in. As a result, I improve my writing skills as well as the piece itself. In previous English classes, the teacher will simply give back the paper and say "Do it better next time." This has been the only class that I actually get to finish what I've started.
My final draft is better as a result of this system. It is better because it allowed me to see what my peers see in my work and allow me to correct it.
my final draft is better because of the peer edits and how you allow us to do corrections when you give i back to us
The edits not any hindrances
that we can keep revising it so we can do our best
The fact that we can edit our papers to make our papers perfect
i think that handing in a rough draft is helpful because i can learn from the mistakes i made and hopefully improve in the next draft and next paper. the biggest hindrance is probably not being able to write the same type of paper again in the semester. i would like to think my final draft improved and its probably because my classmates were able to check it and you checking it.
Getting another chance to fix the mistakes from the original paper is a good for looking and correcting our grades, as well as getting a better grade.
The first draft is the most helpful. My biggest hindrance is how to start a paragraph. I will have some grammar problem at the first draft.
i like the poem. My final is better because i can make corrections for the mistakes i did on the rough draft.
The amount of time is the most helpful part of the process papers. The biggest hindrance is the detail of the research paper. Especially citations, which are kind of a big part of the research paper.
The process writing that I did so far helped evolve more a s writer and learn more from my mistakes and learn throughout my writing.
I like the fact that we get time to get our paper edited and then we have a chance to get our paper a good grade.
I really like the way the process papers are set up. The most helpful part is getting to have peer revisions which really help my final draft be much better than my rough draft. The worst part is writing types of papers that I don't want to write, including business letters and research papers.
The most helpful is definitely that we have unlimited tries to turn in our papers over and over until we get it right. My final drafts are better then the first drafts.
the process is helpful because it helps improve writing. The biggest hindrance is revising.
for the process writing my biggest concern was that you didn't tell us how to write any of the 6 different writing techniques such as business letter i have no clue how to write one
When writing the papers, it helped me with being able to edit even after we have turned a paper in. it allows me to rethink and brainstorm different ideas.
I like the process writings. I think it's a good way to help us develop better writing skills.
The Process Writing Paper is helping me make my writing skills a lot better because I get to edit my paper with friends so I can learn from my mistakes. My final draft is better because I am able to edit my paper more.
The most helpful aspect of the process writing is that you can continue to revise it. The biggest hindrance is that one is due every 2 weeks. My final draft is a better result since we are able to peer edit.
the editing other people do helps the writing the final draft is better because i have peoples input
It's helpful that we have to have a typed rough draft submitted first. Something that causes me difficulty about it though is that there's no layout or structure provided for us for these papers. The final draft ends up better because we can get editing on our rough drafts.
the fact that we can edit and get a better grade
I enjoyed writing the poems, short stories,etc. but I didn't like the big essay because it took many hours to write.
I think the best part of this project is that we get to re correct our work. I like this because I can earn a better grade while learning new things and fixing my mistakes.
I think the process of the Process Writing is a very straightforward one, as the students are given plenty of time and guidance for the assignment before it is due. Unfortunately, a hindrance of the project is how it can be easy to run out of ideas for your next paper genre. My final draft of a process writing is much better than the drafts because not only do my peers (who aren't lazy) actively revise each other's papers (including mine), but I get constructive criticism from them as well, and this helps me grow as a writer even more.
The edit you make is the most helpful because it shows me what level of writing my peers and i are on. The biggest hindrance is when no one wants/has time to edit my first draft.
The editing is most helpful so we can enhance our writing. There are no hindrances. My final draft is better as a result of the process because it helps me to visualize a good paper.
The correction process is the helpful part. The only hindrance is my low writing skills. My last -and first- draft was not as bad as I thought, perhaps my writing process in general are getting better.
When we get our results back whether its an "R" revise or "R" for that rocked, you actually get it back and then you read it and sometimes you realize you weren't at the right state of mind. Then you can fix that and re-turn it in.
We are given multiple times to re-submit papers for correction. I think the system works nicely. A paper can always be made better through multiple drafts and error or reconsiderations can always be made.
I think that having peers look over your paper is helpful, because they can give you comments about your paper, and tell you things about it that you probably didn't notice. My final draft is better as a result, because I'm able to have other people look over my paper, and get feedback. When I was in middle school, I rarely had others look over my paper.
The process helps me become a better writer
the process paper really helps me improve my writing because I get feedback from my peers and Mr. Koch.
The most helpful thing this year is that we can turn in papers and edit them. In the past editing a paper hasn't always been an option.
The final draft is better as a result of the process because the idea of your paper has already been drafted and you have edited it. You have also had the chance to receive input from your peers.
We get to submit our project multiple times and find out what we did wrong and how to fix it.
I really like the process writing as I said in the previous question.
I think I did well quarter because I did what I do best at, creative writing without much nonfiction to it, and my biggest hindrance is the limit I have to put because I write a lot and long. My final draft is better because of the editing and the fact I can't notice my own mistakes while other people do.
I like how we are able to pick which paper we do, and how we are able to fix our papers to increase our grade. My final draft is always better because of peer editing and self editing.
The project was helpful because in the future for my job I will have to write a lot of things down and should know how to form it and what to focus on and write most of it on.
going back and trying to correct my work
This Project is really helpful to me because I want to write a book when I'm older. My most recent writing that I turned in was a story I wrote, so it was good to get someone else intake on it. (students who corrected it) The process of this just prepares me to see what it is going to be like if I write a book. I will have to undergo many corrections, people, and drafts. My final drafts are good because whenever all the editing is done I am aware of my weaknesses.
The most helpful part of the process writing is your feedback. The worst part of the process writing is the research paper because I have to do one for history :)
The peer edits and the ability to turn it in as many times as you need to get an A
I find that creating new writing projects each time is helpful and revising it every single time. By revising it every single time, I learn new ways on how to make my writing better than before. Although, one thing I don't like about process writings is the process of writing it and coming up with new ideas.
The paper we must turn in afterwards helps me know what my stronger and weaker parts of the story are. My final draft is better due to the corrections given by my teacher.
Along with peer edits, my papers build up, I work hard on my rough drafts, trying to created a strong base, but I know there is always room to improve and a new person's input really does help open doors. I really like that we are given unlimited chances to fix our mistakes because then I don't lose that will to write, and I can write more freely, not afraid to fail the first time.
The process writings do help me a lot with my writing skills. The many choices and topics help me practice different writings for the future. It also helps when you give us back our papers, so we can improve them and see our mistakes. The peer revision also helps us see what others see on our process writing. I do like the process writing because it shows how creative we can be with different types of writing.
I haven't done this yet.
like how I am able to revise my paper until I get a perfect score.
my writing process papers were good the easiest was the Haiku and i got the highest grade on the Haiku
because you learn what mistakes you made and you learn.
I like being able to choose my own topics, but I dislike peer editing.
What helps me is the peer revision and when the teacher checks the draft so we can fix it. My final draft is better after the process because it shows that I still have mistakes to fix, it makes me a better writer.
I like the assignments the process papers are unique because people can do what they want to do
I guess just so many get really overwhilming sometimes and I get lazy
I didn't learn anything from the process writing
The peer editing is probably the most helpful, because I am able to see what other people think and strengthen my writing. The biggest hindrance in the process writing project are the few number of categories. Sometimes, I have a great writing idea that does not fit into those categories, and I choose to scrap it for something that goes into those.
The most helpful in thing in the process is have people look it over because if I were to revise it I would miss a lot of mistakes.
I actual enjoy the process writing papers. They allow us, the students, to express own ideas that are manifested from our own experiences. I like this way of writing better than writing to respond to a prompt. Although it is difficult at times to conjure up new and creative ideas, it helps us grow as writers and forces us to think outside the box.
Mine don't come out as I expect them to be I think there good but there not. They have potential I guess you can say.
Beneficial: The vast freedom of choice on each writing Hindrance: No time in class spent talking about great examples of some process writings (i. e. Reader Responses that were good could have helped me on my own Reader Response.)
i think that the most helpful thing about this is that we can refer to 12 great writing pieces by the end of the year. that way, we can avoid making the mistakes we did the drafts in the future years. i think that we should have more engaging topics for the 6 diff types of essays that will make writing more engaging/helpful. my final draft is better because it has been revised numerous times
It is helpful that we get feedback. The biggest hindrance is that if we don't get it right the first time the papers pile up. That being said it rarely is a problem.
I like how we turn in a rough draft, have it edited by our peers and/or friends, then we turn our 'final' draft, then you edit it (if needed).
I like the rate we turn in our papers and get them back with coments and such
The helpful thing about the process writing is that it brings my grade up. The thing I don't like about it is typing it up because it takes a lot of time but its worth it. My final draft is better than the first because I have a lot of people helping me with it and I have mr. Koch to revise my paper
its ok, just a bit odd planningwise,
I think the most helpful part of this process is the revision that we do, even though is not mandatory I do it, because it's a way to become better and to make your final draft almost perfect.
The process writing allows me to write with a sense of freedom, and the final drafts help me learn from what I did wrong.
The most helpful part of the Process Writing Project is how we get a lot of time in class to work on the papers and to peer edit. The hardest part of the Process Writing Project is finding time during sports to get the rough draft done, but once the rough draft is done, it is smooth sailing. My final draft is better as a result of the process because many people edit my paper in order to make it the best it can be.
Its better becsaue the teacher lets us revise and edit the final draft till we bring an A on it.
My every final draft is always better that my rough draft because classmates and Mr. Koch can help me do some revision.
The Revision part because the strictness that you, Mr.Koch, put the intensity at is very nice and helpful for the future
I think it was helpful to have days where you need your rough draft, so it can get revised.
I think the fact that we are allowed infinite revisions from our peers and teachers is really helpful. I think it reflects our weakness and strengths and gives as many chances to improve. I also feel like this makes my process writing finals so much improved from my drafts. It helps us bring the best out of our papers.
I like that the rough draft and the final have different due dates
The process writing was beneficial to our grade overall. If I had to say something negative about them, it would have to be the 1st draft must be turned in with corrections. I frequently forget to do this and it affects the papers grading.
we are given a long time table for the whole semester so you know when to start your papers. Also how we get multiple times to re submit

Literature Survey

Explain the literature structure(the way we study it as opposed to the stories themselves) of the course as you understand it. Give at least two detailed reasons you feel comfortable (or uncomfortable) linking the literary terms we presented in class, or the big questions, to the stories we studied.

I don't really understand the question
I'm uncomfortable, because I don't feel I reviewed all the terms enough. I am comfortable with the big questions.
I feel comfortable because the big questions are easy to relate to when you read a story and the literary terms are not as easy but you can still find stuff about them
I feel comfortable with the fact that we dont go to fast on it and that you help us understand the consept.
I feel comfortable with integrating the terms because they are good for people to understand how they fit in a story. However, they also not entirely be found in the types of stories we as individuals read. So it makes us have to read story types we don't care for.
We look at good examples of ideas that we will learn in class.
1. it didn't really help us 2. really confusing
I think it makes it easier to learn terms when we have examples. Also it makes learning more words fun.
I felt comfortable linking the literary terms to the stories because I had the freedom to present it in any way that I wanted.
I am still unsure as to what that that means.
1- The literary terms were helpful in way, they will be helping in growing my vocabulary. I need that kind of presenting to help my future. 2- The big questions inspired my whole presentation. I think that without them my work would be somehow meaningless.
Well, I'm not really sure what you mean here by literature structure, but I'm going to answer the second part of the question and hope that it works for you. I sometime feel uncomfortable linking the terms to a story when the terms don't really exist in a story. For example, trying to find symbolism in a story with no symbols. I do, however, feel comfortable defining these terms, and if they are in the story, linking them.
I think linking the big questions to my stories were easy
The story project and the process paper.
the literary structure is easy to understand and link to class because we connect it to stories and because you explain it in detail
I feel comfortable linking the literary terms and big questions to the stories because it gives us a better understanding of the stories, especially if they are complicated. It also helps us understand the literary terms better.
I like how we were able to take our individual notes and how the process was dependent on our work. I felt comfortable because we went over all of the literary terms in detail during class. We also had many opportunities to practice the big questions and literary terms.
I like that we don't have to go over literary terms that teachers have taught us for years and years. Instead, we apply them to things we do in class, like the Story and Storyteller project. However, as much as I appreciate the big questions, one of them bothers me. "How are oral stories written from different stories?" This question is really only applicable to audio stories... you can't accurately answer this question without having an actual audio story at hand.
I enjoy the way that we are able to share ideas with one another. It helps us further our thoughts and ideas about the pieces that we read and gives us the opportunity to derive some ideas that we could possibly write about in the future.
when the teacher reads the story out loud and then
I know most of the English terms, but there is a lot more that I don't know. I think that we should go over some of the terms such as prefix, suffix, (etc.) Maybe some review before we take actual tests and quizzes on those types of things. A little review before any summative or formative paper would really help as well.
i feel comfortable linking literary terms to the stories we've studied because we have had the chance incorporate the themes into our projects, specifically the storyteller proj.
I am comfortable with it because we can find our own points of views on things, and we can find out what we need to learn or what we need help with. We can talk to you, Mr. Koch, about it and ask for help. That is the best part.
I like how we had to include the answers to the questions in our story projects, as it forced us to use literary terms like climax and resolution while answering the big questions. I feel comfortable doing it as I feel accomplished when I use them.
Big questions that everybody is attempting to answer by connecting them to stories that we've read
I think that the literary structure is structured in this way, we read stories that relate to the new terms that we are learning and that relate to the project that coincides with the unit.
I understand the literature structure as being able to relate the piece to how it affects readers and what is says about society. I am comfortable with it because it allows for a deeper understanding of the story other that just reading and summarizing. The literary terms just help to describe the story and the big questions.
Cannot remember at this time
i do not understand
I'm still uncomfortable with linking literary terms and big questions to stories because I have a difficult time to figure out which parts of the story apply to the terms and to the questions. I especially feel uncomfortable with plot diagrams because I really don't like finding out the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution.
I think the terms were very and helped me. It helped me learn and understand terms more.
It helps us analyze things and understand meaning that can help us in the future, not just, "Oh, I'm being forced to read a book I don't like."
I like the way we have been taught so far. You know that we all have mostly learned about the story structure, but still need to be refreshed. I like that since we all have background knowledge of these things you don't drag us through long talks and teachings. We always seem to be able to get many things done in one class. This was an easy intake because you told us what they mean and gave us many examples. You gave us stories to read and worksheet to further explain.
The literary terms themselves were not challenging, the difficult part of the course would have to be the presentation of so called, "big questions". They required actual reflection and deep consideration of the story, contrary to the literary terms which could just be searched for.
I feel comfortable doing that because I have done it multiple times out side of this class. For example I did it a lot in middle school.
1. I feel comfortable in linking the literary terms we presented in class because since you introduced all the terms relatively early, I am able to pick out and find these terms in the short stories we read. Then, we go over them and I get to see ones I didn't quite get, and am able to write it down on my notes. 2. I feel a little uncomfortable simply because this is a way of learning I have never done before, and while I am getting used to it more and more each day, sometimes I feel like we aren't learning enough.
When we studied the literature, I didn't feel like I was being pressured to immediately learn as if I was being tested right after. It was easier to process. I felt comfortable answering the questions because we could pick out specific examples in our own stories and that we could relate to them any way we wanted.
I learned a lot of literature terms last year in middle school. I got to know about plot diagram, protagonist, antagonist, etc.
I think linking the literary questions to the stories we studied helps us better understand the stories we're reading. We can get a connection by answering these questions based upon the stories.
i didn't feel comfortable linking the lit terms/big questions to the stories because the questions felt kind of random to me; i didn't really know why we were using those specific questions. are they in the course syllabus? overall, i think that we should go over all of the literature terms in class and should have formative quizzes on them because i feel i would learn and know them best that way and be ready for the sol
The literature structure of the course as i understand is 4 questions that you can apply to writing to try to better understand it.
i don't get this question
I enjoy how we start with a diagnostic and from that, the curriculum slowly builds upon itself. I also love how we do different activities throughout the process in order to achieve our goal of learning the literary terms.
The literary structure was nothing that I wouldn't be able to understand. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. I liked the literary terms analyzed and incorporated in the material of the class, and I also liked how the terms weren't unnecessarily difficult but they weren't easy, so they made you think before you wrote/answered.
I understand most of it. I see that sometimes there are a initiating action. I don't remember learning about it. Other then that it all makes sense
I feel comfortable doing literary terms
We read the story and discuss together helped me the most because i can learn from the discuss and understand the story more. And also the story and the storyteller project helped me a lot because i have to figure out the whole story and its plot by myself, and after do it some times, i get more familiar to the plot and literary elements.
I like the way the class is set up where we get to talk and do our work but we don't mess up as much
I liked this years learning how we would learn them by watching videos or reading books to learn new reading skills and ways to read better. I liked having an activity to teach us instead of just listening to a long boring lecture.
I feel comfortable with linking the literary terms because I know most of them well, and they are easy to link to stories
Title, Author & Plot 1.When I reading a story I will think of the literary term. 2.I understand the meaning of the literary term.
I like the structure in the class. It helps with my reading skills like being able to comprehend what I'm reading.
I like the literature structure in this class. I think it really helps with my personal reading skills.
1.)We learned about them in class. 2.)We had an oral presentation on them.
i feel comfortable about the big questions because it will help me better in my writing and explain why am writing a story or anything. I also like the literary terms because i think it will help me in writing and i can use it better.
i Didnt really get the questions or understand them.
I feel comfortable linking the literary terms from this class to the stories we studied because you showed us the vocab list and I knew most of those terms already. I feel comfortable with the big questions also because you explained them well.
I feel comfortable doing this because for one the way presented in class is much more clear and makes it easier to connect to stories. the second reason is that I feel more comfortable because we go over it verbally as opposed to taking notes on it repeatedly.
How can i make my store and storyteller project better?
The literature survey is very good way to understand my writing and reading. I developed a way to put more vocabulary and literary terms into my writing because of this deatailed and accurate process.
I haven't done this yet.
i dont even know what this is
1. I feel more than comfortable because we're using literary terms that we've used in the past. 2. Yet, I don't feel comfortable because there are some that we've learned in the past and I totally forgot what they meant, maybe you could go over them again. Almost once every quarter just as a refresh, like ask if there are still some terms the class or an individual doesn't understand.
The literature structure that we learn in English class is helpful to me because I get to write my own notes because I can understand knowledge better when I write it down. I feel comfortable linking the literary terms we presented in class because it helps me practice my terms and I know what the stories are based off of.
The concepts are not that hard to understand. The project helped me have better ways of explaining a story
I'm very comfortable
I understand the reason he has us read them, to find deeper meanings, to understand those deeper meanings the author is trying show us, and the problems of modern day culture
i feel comfortable because i know the terms that we learned. i dont know what else to say so im just
The big questions are really easy to answer in my head, but putting them on paper in the hard part.
I like how we read then discuss it and you answer out questions.
I feel comfortable linking the literary terms to the stories we studied, because I got to see lots of examples during the presentations.
I felt comfortable because i understood the literary terms and was able to connect them to stories, but i was unable to incorporate the big questions to the stories
very comfortable with this class because, I am able to understand what I am learning and able to fix my essay.
I did understanding but I'd like that the next time that we do something like this (learning new terms) we emphasize a little bit more the topic its definitions.
The way we study is good I mean we haven't had any tests yet which is scaring me a bit but I hate tests I think the process papers are a great way for our grades to stay high
We read popular stories because everyone is reading it and its probably good.
I like the way we studied literature, because though we were introduced to the content in class, the project allowed us to explore the stories that we enjoyed. The literary terms we learned were easy to link to the stories because the terms are all present in most stories. I didn't really like the big questions because I think sometimes, a story isn't told for a larger purpose, and it isn't always an allusion to something else.
there are 5 parts of a story and the questions help us understand the full extent of what we are reading.
I like the "story time" aspect of the readings, and the new stories we read. The big questions are not that difficult to understand.
I dont like doing presentations. I like doing something at my seat
The literature structure as i can understand it really helps me be capable to comprehend what I'm reading and develop a deeper understanding of my reading.
Literature structure is in any story whether its a book, a song, or a movie. I think it's great that we link this knowledge to everyday stories which we are exposed to. It allows us to understand these terms more thoroughly.
I feel completely comfortable, you had the BIG questions on the "Toy Story Window" as I call it, we've reviewed it everyday in class, and every time we've read a story so I think its all good.
I feel comfortable linking these terms because they help us see what we must do for our project. It gives us a better understanding of what is expected in each slide of a presentation.
I didn't do the presentation.
I feel comfortable because we are using terms we have known for years. This year I think that I am tying them together more than I have in the past.
I like that as we go, we can use these words and expand upon and learn true meanings, then by just memorizing and testing on that. I feel as if that does not help. I like that we can incorporate these words as we work in class, and when i'm not pressured to memorize them, I am able to understand and link it when I am reading.
They are kinda hard to answer them but they only thing I have to do is to think about them in a deeper perspective.
I feel comfortable linking the literary terms we used in class because I got a full understanding of the trickier ones while doing my project and watching other presentations
We had the freedom to analyze our own stories that we wanted to for the story and the storyteller project. I am very comfortable with the literary terms that we studied and reviewed in class. I also feel comfortable answering back to the big questions now.
Using the big questions were a big help on why and how we look at the stories we read. Using plot diagrams and going through piece by piece was a big help to understand things about the story

On a scale of It Was Awesome to I Still Don't Get It, how did you feel about the Story and the Storyteller project?


Were there any components of the project(or future projects in this class) that you would like to see changed? How?

Um, not really. I did have some trouble linking the "big questions" back into the presentation, but that was about it. It'd like to maybe see and example of how others linked the questions into their presentations for refrence. Also, the answer box for this question was a bit small...
At first it was really unclear about what we were supposed to do for the project
the big questions
The entire project in general, it needs more explanation.
Just me reading, this time not off the SLIDES
The amount of stories we had to present. A good amount would be three
Like a easy project
More clearer instructions
More clarity on due dates.
I liked the project the way it was
I think we should do more oral presentations
No not really because I in fact really enjoyed completing this project and was okay with all the components.
More explanations of future projects
people have more fun with the project
maybe if we had more time to show video clips and audio sources it would enhance everyones presentations.
my prezi got messed up :(
In the future I would like to see a sense of urgency being put towards this project. I know that many of the students did this project last minute and it sloppily showed in there grades. I would also like to see more variety in the style of presentation; not just powerpoints.
more creative on the project.
No i thought it went good
Analysis, not just read, understand
Mad man writings
the literary terms procedure
maybe not as many plot diagrams
IN-CLASS DISCUSSIONS and examples of great works that match the type of writing in the project
Maybe next time, 100% of the instructions can be in print, right there on the page.
make the projects easier
Start looking at my class mate.
I feel as if the artifacts were not as significant, because there were already character studies.
i think that the projects should be less time consuming, more fun, and more helpful to prepare us for future exams and tests that might come our way
An example of the project would be nice
no point... there is no way in changing the mentality of the teacher, what he wants, he will get. respectfully.
The time limit made me nervous.
a leter grade instead of accepted or revised
Get a better grade in this class.
There hasn't been anything that I strongly feel needs changed.
I wish there were more specific guidelines to guide us and help us out in creating our project. However, I like how we could choose to present our presentation in any way we feel comfortable with.
5 more minutes when presenting the project
more fun
More engaging, exploring projects
By more students doing more creative presentations.
I was really confused with the madman writings.
I like the projects the way they are becuase they are very open ended, so we can be creative.
I honestly don't have any components that I would like changed.
Business letter in process writings are somewhat confusing
Nothing should be changed, I enjoyed the story project.
More guidance on what you expect from us
More specific on what needs to be in our project.
I would like to change the way it is presented, by maybe presenting it as videos done by students
not so many things in one project
no, i think the idea and execution was great
group presentation
Nope, I think you assign well thought-out projects that engage us! :D
No... I like the freedom you give us!
I want the madman writings to not be a requirement because people are already expressing how they feel in the presentation.
No, because it was a pretty sweet project and managable.

Reflect on your performance on the Story and Story Project. Based on the work that you put into it, what grade do you feel you should have earned on the project?


Independent Reading

How many books have you read for the Independent Reading segment of this class?


How does reading conferencing increase your understanding of your Independent reading? If it does not, how could the conference or IR time be altered to better serve your needs as a reader?

reading conferencing helps me get a more concept of the story I'm reading and adds on my list of reading books.
I think the reading conferencing does actually help me understand my independent reading. This is because you realize that you know more to the story than you thought you did when you weren't speaking about it, which makes me conclude that telling others about your book helps you understand it even better, too.
It forces us to take our thoughts about the books and turn them into words.
Reading conferences are helpful because they help me make real life connections to my book.
It helps me explain my understanding of the book I'm reading it also may encourage others to read the book as well.
it will help me understand the story better if i can talk about it with other people and it will have better meaning to the story.
I have a little bit of confusion about the stuff were suppose to do in the conference.
I haven't done it yet.
The time is great, since I don't have much time at home for reading and I love reading. It's a helpful way for understanding but not all the students are respective to this.
I get better at reading and I start to know more words.
It helps me get a deeper understanding of my book by: discussing with others who have different views, comparing and contrasting different books, and listening to other students' books
It helps us talk about the struggles your having with the book and then also what's bugging you about it. Whether its a very LONG book or a short book.
I think it allows me to share my ideas and opinions, and see the way others think about my ideas and opinions
I haven't had a reading conference yet.
The reading conferencing does not really help because some of the books I read don't have plots or characters, making it hard to answer the questions stacked for asking about books with those elements. I feel like I have to ad-lib or improvise on the questions so I can try to answer them.
The conference should be longer so we can comprehend the reading better.
I think that the reading conferencing helps me find new and interesting books. When people talk about their books, it provides more opinion and information that just reading the back of the book or first page would. Also, it hasn't happened to me yet, but if I don't understand a part of my book, I think that the reading conferences could help me understand it.
I got to know more vocabulary.
When we share, I learn the different things that go through a person's head throughout a book. For some people who have read the same book I have, I get to see their own interpretation, and the questions that go through their mind.
it helps me because, when we talk about we go into depth and learn more about the story.
I like it because it makes me wonder why I decided to read this in the first place and what I enjoyed about the books I read so I can find connections to what books I have read before reading this book and what I am looking for in some knew books
I haven't had a lot of time to read lately because I have an overwhelming amount of homework and rehearsals, so if we could have IR more frequently that would be good.
More independent reading time.
It allows you to discuss the book with peers, and it shows what other students are interested in. I would like more independent reading time!
It helps with the understanding because sometimes all you need is to say something out loud to actually understand the meaning and for others too.
The reading conference helps me explain to people what I'm reading. It also gives other people knowledge about what the books about.
Personally, my reading conference didn't increase my understanding of independent reading because no one really talked. It just felt like a book club where only a few people talk. It might be improved with different questions about our books.
reading helps me understand how the reader feels
It helps me learn about and really look deep into the characters.
It doesn't really increase my understanding of the book because I am the only one talking and the questions asked don't really go that deep into the book. But this usually happens when people have not read the book I am reading.
I have not participated in a reading conference yet in this class
I have never done a reading conference, so I would not know how it would effect my independent reading.
With all due honestly and respect, I will say that reading conferencing does not affect my understanding of independent reading. It instead hinders and takes away my in-class reading time. If one wanted to improve this, those in the groups should spend more time focusing on the "big questions" instead of explaining the story's plot.
I understand that I need to read the books with more attention.
I think the time we read for is perfect.
I ready like the independent readying because it really helps me learn new words as i read.
It helps me reflect on my reading and how it relates to my life now, which is helpful and helps me delve deeper into the book.
i like the independent reading it really helps it give me more vocabulary and it actually helps a lot
I have not had one yet.
It helps because then I get to talk about it, and when I do that, it makes me think more about the story, therefore helping me to understand the story to the best of my abilities,
It lets us speak about our books out loud which helps me to understand what I'm truly reading.
It helps by getting to know how other people think about a certain book and i can get some recomendations on what books i should read
Reading conferencing can help me understand my book better.
Reading conferences help me understand and practice analyzing.
Yes it's help make you learn new words and be a better reader.
I am not sure yet because I have not had a reading conference...
I'll be honest - I haven't really done my reading share of this class. That's usually related to laziness, and that is my fault. I honestly have not have a reading conference in this class, so I cannot answer this question.
Reading conferencing lets me collaborate with other people, and allows me to receive new ideas as well as expand other people's understandings of the world. My independent reading has become more meaningful! :)
it helps me a lot, because I particularly don't like to read so I think that I'm getting into the mood now.
Reading conferencing helps, because you get to actually talk about what you read to somebody else.
the independent reading allows me to read in class which helps because I don't have a lot of time
I've never done a reading conference but the IR reading time is a good amount for me.
All read the same books which we like and feel comfortable reading it or anyone can bring his own book and read it and have a reading conference
Helps me to explain and understand the book better and will help in my process papers when i am explaining things
not sure
It helps me comprehend the meanings of what I'm reading
it gives me a chance to explain my book and receive suggestions for books i may want to read in the future
I personally dont like talking about my book but i like hearing what others are reading. I think it kind of lets me know stuff about the person
we can discuss the book or the story together and its can let me know more about other's think and i can also learn from them.
it increases my understanding because I can express my thoughts and make connections to my other peers stories. which are things that I could not do independently in my head.
i feel like the conferences should be with people that we are more comfortable talking to and maybe that way itll be way more fun and interesting to do
Reading conferencing increases my understanding of a story by making me know that i can give a summary of the story.
I haven't done this yet.
it doesnt really because i just explain my story and then others talk about theirs. i have no idea how it could be changed
I liked the reading conferencing because it almost forces you to read, but not really. It also keeps you reading and really get into the plot and characters in the story. If there is a book that sounds interesting, we will read them. It gives us book ideas.
it doesnt
I haven't had one yet
The reading conference increases my understanding of independent reading because I don't just read because Mr. Koch said it. I read to improve my knowledge and understand what I read.
help a lot because I am able to see what I did wrong.
it makes me grasp the brevity and the little things about my book.
i really do not mind... ill just do whatever, there is no point in altering it, cause it would be selfish to do so.
I have not had a reading conference yet.
I like the reading conferences. It's a good way to discuss your book and learn about other books you may be interested in.
It helps us explain and go more in depth in what we read and compare it to the real world
Reading conference does not increase my understanding of my independent reading. It can be altered by having better questions
helps me understand my book better sometimes
It shows me other good books to read.
I haven't done any reading conferences. However, I feel as if conferences increase my understanding of my book because I like to be asked questions about my book and actually think about the aspects of my story that apply to those questions.
The independent reading time is good for me.
It allows me to do an analysis on the story
I thing reading conferencing increases my understanding because it helps me understand stories in depth
The reading conferences help me by giving me a chance to explain to my peers and to myself the important aspects of the book or section I have read so far.
The conferences don't really help me with my reading, but I don't think that there's any way it could be changed to make it better.
I have not been in a reading conference.
it helps me get a deeper understanding of the book
It helps by giving me more knowledge on how to explain and almost dissect a book, it gives me more of an understanding of what /my/ book is like because you can use other people's strategies to dissect the book you're reading.
i think that the ir time should be increased because usually, 20 mins during class isn't enough time to fulfill class time reading. then again, we should read every class we should have specific class days where we read. i think that the reading conferencing is a great way to open up your mind to reading more and new books in order to expand knowledge, have fun, and vocab. (expand)
Reading conferences help me because they help me understand more about my book
I haven't had my reading conference yet.
I didn't have a reading conference.
Reading conferences increase my understanding of my independent reading because it allows me to reflect what I have read and allows me to express the ideas presented in the book.
I did not have a reading conference yet so I do not know whether it's helpful or not.
Learning about others books make me want to read theirs too


Detail your view of the iRockEnglish ClassBlog, VISION, email, RemindHQ or other tech as a classroom tool.

I use the technology from the school a lot because it helps me a lot. Especially vision because all my homework is on it.
Yes, I go on the ClassBlog, and VISION regularly, almost every day. I find it helpful, because on the Blog, people can comment about your writing, and ways to fix it, or in ways that it's good. VISION has notes, and guidelines for the writing projects. Both are effective and helped me in this class.
I like it because it helps me when i forget things or need help without something.
The class blog and vision are most helpful to me personally. The only problem I had this quarter was that I have a difficult time finding things on the blog. I believe that a better form of index should be installed into the blog.
I find the Blog to be really awesome because we can connect to our peers through learning and school. Vision is also very helpful when I need to reflect on what we have been learning. Emailing is helpful....when you respond. RemindHQ in irrelevant because I am pretty independent and write all my homework down. (and get it done)
I'm a technology person so it really helpful.
Yes i use all the technology and it helps me stay on track.
The iRockEnglishClassBlog and VISION are the most effective tools for this class.
I use it to get reference from other people and to find homework
Yes I do it helps me keep track of everything whenever its due and when we get it a certain assignment.
I find that all of the technological aspects of this class are very convenient and reliable. Remind helps remind me of assignments when have drifted from my memory and the blog is a good way to inspire writing pieces.
Remind HQ is useful because it helps me stay on top of my work.
I have not used the ClassBlog because I have no need for it yet. VISION is very helpful in case I have questions about dates of tests and projects, and I find it most helpful in this class. Email is a great way to reach the teacher for personalized questions and submitting rough drafts if I am late. I have not used RemindHQ.
I really like that you are quick in responding, and the Blog is a great way for me to learn how to write really good stories based off of other people's structures and feedback. I like that Vision has all the class information and papers we need. Basically, I like to utilize all these resources, because it gives me a more satisfied feeling when completing my work.
i do use most of these tools and find it extremely helpful cause if i forget what i have to do or i forget to bring something its all online. all of these are extremely effective
I use vision everyday and check my email everyday as well.
I've only been using vision so far, it's helpful because I know what's coming up. I haven't tried much using technology tools in this class so I'm not sure...
yes i use it and find it helpful because i will know what is going on in the class and what i can do to get an A. the computers are helpful
The class blog is awesome because its there whenever and Mr.Koch posts on it everyday, not to mention he has a calendar of homework and assignments. I look at the blog all the time, and I check my emails from him most of the time, its very helpful.
I find these very useful as I use the computer a lot so when I don't have to write a lot of stuff down and can just look on a website is is very useful. I plan to use the blog in the future once I figure out how to use it.
Both vision and this website have inspired me to read to and write more and I feel good to be inspired by my creative peers.
Vision it's helpful because you have ever thing you want for this class it's in vision that really help you on your study and grades in the class.
Yes i use it Yes i find it helpful because i sometimes i forget to do something or i misplace something
I find it useful because I can check for homework and upcoming process paper's and projects.
I use vision a lot. Vision is helpful because it helps with homework.
I don't use it that much but I feel like I should start using it more because it is a really great tool that would come in a lot of handy.
I like the class blog because it allows writers to show off their work to people other than a teacher or close friends.
I find it really helpful because I can easily find and participate in assignments. I feel like the class blog is very effective at combing all of the different blocks into a whole and providing a safe environment for students to publish their work.
Yes, I do use the RemindHQ. It is very helpful to let me know when the assignment is due.
I use it a lot for every class. it works for me.
I use everything but the remind HQ. But i find it really helpful when Koch posted the calendar on vision and blog so when I am done with what am supposed to do then i can start doing the other assignments and be ahead
vision is probably the most effect because if you missed any assignments you can just check vision
I use some of it, but I would use it more if I had time at home.
yes, it is helpful because I am able to see what assignments are coming up. The laptop are the are the most effective.
i use vision. i think vision is pretty helpful. i use it basically everyday,
I use all systems except for remindhq mostly because I am trying to put more responsibility on myself. Vision is the most helpful because it helps me be prepared for that day.
I use the the class blog and vision every day and find them very helpful/informative. I don't use RemindHQ because I feel I have a good understanding of the work I need to complete in this class and I feel that having RemindHQ would become repetitive. I haven't had to email you yet this year but if i were to have any questions I would email you.
I use the blog to use other student's projects as an example to help me with mine and I check vision for due dates.
i dont want to have to post writing on the blog, but its ok i guess.
I plan to get RemindHQ, and I think the blog is very helpful because I can look at other students work, and I have information I can easily acess.
Reading the student's process paper and going on VISION was helpful for me.
yes, yes, because it has certain key class components that I sometimes need to use while at home. Also I learn from looking at other peoples blog posts
I use the blog to structure my process papers. I look at all the examples and that helped me when writing my business letter. The class blog is the most effective tool.
I use Vision and my email. I find it useful because it has everything that I need to do for class.
I use the blog and vision often, and I have used my email, however I do not use RemindHQ. I think the way he has incorporated Tech has changed the way I do my schoolwork
I use them often and find them very helpful. In the event of me not being able to think of a way to do something, for example in a project, there are plenty of good examples on the blog that I can use as reference. I think the class blog is super handy, and has a much better design than the band website!
I do use it and its helpful because it reminds me that there is homework.
The class blog is a very helpful website because it helps give other students ideas of what one could say in their project. Computers are very helpful in class because it gives us more time to finish projects and extra work.
Yes/Yes/So I don't forget things as much./The blog I'm writing on.
Yes I use all of them. they are very helpful to use incase you or someone else has forgotten about a project or a process paper.
I do use it and i do think it is helpful because it gives me ideas for our writing processes and the project
Its helpful, but my usage of the sites depends on the time I need to use it, for example, a day that I'm absent would be the time I'd be most likely using the websites
Yes I use it and they are helpful. The blog is very useful.
Yes it is convenient because it is on my phone
The irockenglish blog is a cool place to share your work and show how hard you have been trying
I only use VISION. VISION is the most effective for school use.
I find the blog to be helpful when I need inspiration or guidelines when writing my process writings. RemindHQ is also helpful because even though I record all my assignments in my phone, it's still nice to be reminded about any assignments that are due just in case I forgot to type down any other assignments. VISION is helpful as well to know what we would be doing the next day in class or other assignments. Email is helpful as well just in case I have any important questions to clarify.
Yes I do use it and it is helpful because it helps me keep up to date and know when to turn in assignments. The technology tools that I find affective is the RemindHQ and Vision
Yes, it explained the assignment in the class. Vision.
I use all of this technology and feel comfortable with it except for RemindHQ because I don't need it if I have vision. I feel that laptops/PCs are most effective for school use.
I use Vision, and its helpful so I don't forget what was homework, and I can print it out if I was absent. I think the blog is helpful, because you can see what an A looks like.
Yes, I read those process paper that posed on the class blog.
i use it and it is extremely helpful without your vision page i would have a horrible grade in this class
Yeah every once and a while I look at the class blog
Yes, I really appreciate the reminders- it helps me not to forget my assignments.
I only use vision. I think there's too many things all at once and we should limit ourselves to one thing.
I use the blog a lot because I find it very useful and i just like how its like our own little website.
I think the class blog is awesome. On occasion i'll read what's on it and it helps me figure out what i can fix in my writing/projects.
I use the iRockEnglish Class Blog, VISION, and email often at school, and it really does help to study and succeed. We have more information than ever before on the internet, and I am grateful for these programs the school has created to keep me organized and engaged throughout the school year.
I do use, it, yes... Well, I have to in order to know what my assignments are outside of class. This also makes the programs helpful, as I can't rely on my memory for my assignments when I don't note them down in my agenda. However, out of all of them, I find VISION the most effective tool for school use because (if the teacher updates their page religiously) I can check what assignments are due, past due, or upcoming for the entire month.
Yes i do use it and is getting to be helpful.
Yes, it is really helpful becuase it means i dont have to remember everything
i use the blog and yes it is very helpful
I use vision and email. i find it very helpful i feel they are both very helpful during school.
These methods are helpful because it reminds me when assignments are due.
I use Remind HQ, VISION, and email. It has helped me a lot because there are times where I forget to write homework down in my agenda and then there's a RemindHQ about it or it's on VISION. Also, if there's an issue with my printer at home, I can just email my project to you and then it's problem solved!
I think it's very helpful! I enjoy teachers that integrate technology and open communication into their teaching methods. The blog is a great extension to the class, especially for oral presentations.
I use most of the technology provided for example the class blog, vision, and my email. It's very helpful because I can access school material from anywhere.
At first I didn't like the fact that we had to post on a blog because I wanted my work to be "private", but I realized that there is other things I can post like my projects.
Yes, they are all helpful because they remind us of assignments that need to be turned in while we're busy with other homework.
i use all of these things, but i also feel that some things should just be given to us on paper. i think that some people might not feel comfortable logging on to the computer all the time, so it might just be easier to give out handouts during class. that said, we should also have all technological resources available. i also love that we go to the computer lab; this allows us to finish work and ask questions we cant in class:)
Very helpful in communication
I use RemindHQ, and not very often but sometimes Vision. I really like RemindHQ because then I know when all the assignments are due.
Remind 101 would be better if you posted reminders more often.
I use remindHQ, VISION, and sometimes the class blog. It all helps but remind HQ helps the most. Email doesn't work because you ever get mine.
no, Idk,. powerpoint.
I don't really use it often but i think i might start using it more.
I find it as a creative way to interact with my class and other classes. It also helps me if i am confused on anything, I could just see other examples from other students.
I like it because it allows me to find assignments when I'm absent, and it allows me to ask questions when I'm not in the classroom.
I like how everyone is involved it is very cooll that we can see everyone final papers
I use some of the technologies provided. I tend to use vision the most because it has materials from all of my classes.
I don't use it that often
I think using technology helps I use vision the most to check due dates

Odds and Ends

What grade do you feel you have earned in this class?


Do you feel that your grade an accurate reflection of your effort/performance?


What was your single favorite moment of class this Quarter?

listen to other's presentation.
Watching "The Greatest Game" and reading "The lottery and seeing everyone's reactions.
Sharing minecraft vids
when I found out i had a 99%
Probably project presentations
Process Papers
when i finished my project
Typing my process paper.
when i got an A on my process paper
i dont know
Story and Storyteller Project
My presentation
The story and story teller project
The one day when we talked about how songs relate to stories.
I enjoy this class a lot and just love having Mr. Koch as a teacher
I don't know.
when we read out loud and the projects
Watching people present
when we talked about conspiracy theories in the morning
presenting our story and story teller projects
story and the storyteller
idk bruh
P:rePresenting my story project.
The day we just listened to songs
The storyteller project
The Story and The Storyteller Project
Process writings
When we go to the computer lab and do our writing paper.
watching other people's projects
they are all fun
reading before class
IR time I guess
When we go to the computer labas
Storyteller project
Using computers for our story projects.
getting first approved on a process paper
I liked watching and commenting on everybody's projects.
My favorit moment of quarter one was when I got back my first A on an essay because I felt like my work finally paid off.
I really enjoyed having you read the short stories out loud. I think in the future we should encourage some students to step up and volunteer to read for you. I would enjoy doing that.
Independent reading
I don't remember but I had fun in a lot of classes so far.
i liked reading the different stories
I actually really liked the shout-outs during the presentations, I have usually had bad experiences presenting in front of classes, but I felt fine presenting last week. Afterwards when I got all the shout-outs, it made the rest of my day quite enjoyable.
storyteller project
the project
Presenting my project
The Presenting part
nothing really
When we just read the whole class, that was really great!
Seeing all the great stories that people read.
The Story Teller Project
I liked when we read All Summer in a Day with the rain.
finally getting an a on my paper after sending it back 35235 times
The projects
when I got 100 on my writing
Watching my other classmates present their story projects.
The story Project
When I realized I could edit my papers to receive a better grade.
The presentation
When my fellow class mates gave me encourging shout outs after my presentation
the story and storyteller project
Writing my poem
Every single moment
When I found out we didn't get graded on tests but on writing and projects.
the end of my story and the storyteller project presentation
Get a better grades.
Reading comments of my writing
Watching the Most Dangerous Game
watching the student news
The jokes
when we go to the library
Your great stories about China and such!
i cannot choose just one, i look forword to class every B day
Writing my creative story
oral presintation
Process Writings
I dont really have a SINGLE favorite moment, there are many.
when you played the news video

What was your single least favorite moment of class this Quarter?

writing the Martin Luther King diagnostic because i wasn't prepared at all
dvc xcG
taking that psat
When our class present the story project
i dont know
Beleiving my story was due the next day when it was not.
independent reading
learning about and doing the Socratic seminar
i can't think of any
Right before presenting story project
Story Project (when I had to present)
none :)
Gates test
I don't really have one, actually! Coming to class has been a pleasure.
missing most of it
writing a lot
The righting response
Presenting the Short Story Project
starting my presentation
Being nervous before I had to present my project.
Typing my other process paper.
Reading independently
MADMAN Writings
idk bruh
doning work sheets
a combination of every SINGLE time the lcps firewall blocked something that isn't even bad or inappropriate.
talking in front of the class
Presenting in front of everyone D:
IR time
When we sat down and did nothing
Independent Reading
Nothing so far...
The nervousness before my oral presentation!
Get my grads batter.
The oral presentation, I dislike speaking in front of the class.
My least favorite moment of the quarter, honestly, was sitting through all of those Story and the Storyteller project presentations...They were all the same after a while...Next presentation, I'm going to present my project in a creative way.
plot diagrams and literary terms
when i had to present and i was nervous
When Mr. Koch made fun of me
presenting my project
I didn't really enjoy taking the Gates test.
When I found out how much we'd be presenting XS
Not understanding the assignment
none whatsoever
PSAT stuff
Reading independently
Reading (I like to read but I couldn't think of anything else to put here)
nothing really
the projects
refection on writing
story presentation
Making my essay (but yyou do what you have to do)
presenting my oral presentation and knowing that no one can get a 100; it wouldve been nice if we were able to get a 100 on the oral presentations!
The so much reading we have to do
the reading of the lottery
process writing
process writing papers
honestly, listening to plot diagrams from every single presentation
Typing up Paper number 3
My least favorite moment was presenting my short story project. It was difficult for me to present through my aniexty and several technical difficulites.
Oral reports
Nothing particular
Very little directions for the project
dont have one
Story project
I don't know...This is one of my favorite blocks...
The day I was supposed to present my story project, as I was very nervous.
PSAT preparation
Martin Luther King Writing
I have a feeling its gonna be the socratic seminar
When I got a 75 on my writing

Describe your reaction to the PSAT test you took. Please do not discuss details from the test, rather how you feel about your test-taking experience. Did you feel prepared for the PSAT test? What could have been done differently to improve your preparation for the test?

Well I mean it felt like i was taking a college test. The questions were really hard and didn't make sense so it was more of like a guessing game for me.
I fealt prepared and i wasnt exspecting to be so long and i could have studied longer
It was very challenging, there was some tough questions roots/prefixes, and suffixes that I completely did not get
I though that the PSAT was rather easy and not to hard compared to last year.
It came as a shock since I had arrived to school late. I didn't like taking it since I didn't feel I was prepared for it, but all in all it was an okay exam. I would obviously prepare better for the test if I had studied beforehand.
I need ot ew tkjwrw gk rh
As to how prepared I was, I did not prepare since I looked as it as a benchmark. That being said, I did not feel that the test was extremely difficult.
The psat sucked because I was very tired and took a nap every break. I felt a little prepared and I could of gotten a better night sleep before the test
I'm so confused in that test. I need to work more on it.
I have taken a PSAT in the past, so I was used to the setting and I thought that it was very easy. I think I am a good test-taker, so it was quite easy for me. I felt very prepared. I could have studied more and done more practice with writing and grammar, but other than that I thought that it was quite easy.
I felt very prepared for it and I don't think you need to change anything.
It was difficult. There were a lot of words that I didn't know about and their meaning.
It felt like a very hard test. There were a lot of confusing stuff on it, but i felt confident in some of the parts.
I think it was extremely hard because half the stuff on there, i had never even done or heard of.
I felt a little prepared for the test. I think it helped improve my knowledge for literature and vocabulary a little bit.
That was hard! I didn't like how it was timed!
I think the PSAT test was okay. Obviously it was above my reading and vocab level, but I was still able to answer the questions. I felt prepared for this test because I did take 2 practice tests. I feel like I could have prepared more instead of studying last minute.
I am not prepared for the PSAT test. I will study more vocabulary.
I didn't prepare at all for the PSAT, and I think I should've approached the test more rationally instead of panicking.
I felt prepared, most of it was content I had already learned, unlike the first time I took it.
some of the words were confusing but it was ok i guess.
I felt as prepared as I could've felt that day. I like to think of my first PSAT as a diagnostic to how I'm doing in school, and I can't wait to get the results back.
I did not feel prepared at all, I mean, I think I did good on the English portion because that part was quite easy, but the math part I totally flunked up.
I felt prepared, but I have had experience taking the PSAT test before.
I felt good taking the test because i knew some of the words from Latin.
I felt sort of prepared but I could definitely improve my time and test taking skills.
it was so hard but i think its good.
I was very nervous and overwhelmed about it, but now I have an idea of whats going on with it. I wish I would read more in English.
it was hard
i felt okay about taking the psat. i felt as if i couldve been more prepared by studying more vocab but i was more prepared because of the things we did in class.
The PSAT went by faster than I anticipated . I did not feel prepared for the PSAT and next time I will prepare more and manage my time better
I felt like i was pretty well prepared from the lessons that were taught, but i could've practiced more of the questions on the practice test
The test was difficult. It reminded me of a much harder version of an sol.
i think i did ok on the psat. i needed more time. i did not feel prepared.
I feel like it was pretty accurate to what I thought a SAT was like. I didn't prepare, I think if I prepared I would of felt more comfortable in the test.
I felt pretty prepared for the PSAT in the vocabulary section. Although the reading comprehension did give me some trouble I didn't do badly on it. Post Script: The story about the grand canon was depressing and crushed my child-like dreams.
My first reaction to the PSAT test earlier this year was "I've got this". I was thinking this because of all of the practice tests I took, and then the math portion came, and calculators weren't provided (even though my math teacher said they would be D:<). I was prepared for everything... Except math, just because of a lack of a calculator.
i did feel kind of prepared but i felt like i could practice more
i think it was ok it was sorta hard but it was good.
it was very hard.
if i was older and i knew more than i would be ready
I felt confident taking the test.
i felt prepared for it
it was long, but i managed
It was an experience. I could have actually studied
I did not feel prepared at all and the test was very difficult. I almost fell asleep while taking the test and I was slow in analyzing and reading the questions and the stories that I didn't answer a lot of questions and I ended up not finishing my PSAT.
I felt better as I wasn't freaked out or stressed about it compared to last year where a LOT of pressure was placed on me. I think I did really good on it.
I feel like I did okay on the PSAT and that the only part I really struggled on was the math part because I haven't learned some of that stuff yet. I felt like I was mostly prepared for the test and I don't think going over any of the notes I had would've made a difference.
It was long and boring. I didn't really see what the test did for me it seemed like I was just a percentage.
I have started reading a lot more so my reading comprehension section scores have somewhat improved, but still need to work on taking more time to read those passages and answering those questions. Other than that, I felt prepared or as prepared as you can be.
The PSAT wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was quite easy. I felt prepared the PSAT test because I studied and in english class we had good review sessions. I could have studied earlier.
I think that I was prepared, but the test was a lot harder than the preparation
the PSAT was all mostly about reading and writing and getting the concept of your academics.
I felt good about the PSAT; I just need to study more.
i feel as if i did my best and gave it my all.
It was a test that, well... I wasn't very prepared for. Some of the questions were quite tricky. Many of them were clever (and hilarious). Now that I have now taken the test, I am more used to what the experience is like. I'll have to study the practice test a bit more, as I didn't fully complete it while attempting to prepare for it.
It's kind of hard for me.
I felt prepared for the English section of the PSAT due to the help of Mr. Koch
I wasnt prepared for how fast the time would go by. I ended up not answering a lot of the questions
The PSAT was kind of hard and i wasnt really prepared.
It was hard but I can do extra work and get better at it and pass it.
I did feel prepared for the PSAT, but I think I could have read a bit more to prepare for the vocab portion.
Simple, not too hard
I felt prepared, and he did very well in preparing me
The PSAT test wasn't a big surprise to me, because I took it last year for the AOS entrance exam (I was waitlisted). Because of this, I don't think I thought of this as a big deal and really didn't prepare for it as much as I did last year. I could've worked alot harder on this, and I regret the decision of not taking the PSAT test seriously.
i think that i was a little prepared. i think that we should have practiced more during class such as vocabulary, grammar, etc. i think that we should practice these every other class and should have formative assignments on them too just to make sure we know them;) i also thing that we should include psat/sat reading passages into our classes just reading them for fun and making sure we understand them;)
yes I studied very hard for this test and it paid off ( I ate 20 pixie stix before)
I didn't take the PSAT test.
I didn't feel so prepared for the PSAT but surprisingly it wasn't so hard and I used the reading skills I had to do my best and I passed with a good grade. I fell that next time I will study more. A lot more.
I feel it would have been nice if the time wasn't as short because I knew the answers it's just that I took too long filling in the blasted bubbles.
I didn't study if thats what you mean I just took it since it doesn't count I just wanted to see how I did with what ive learned
I actually felt that the PSAT was fine, Just fine. There were sections that I felt prepared for, and other parts that I thought were ridiculously difficult/confusing. I only glanced over the example test packet, and next time I should maybe actually try to work on it.
Not, improve grammar & vocab
I felt very prepared and was greatly relieved afterwards. I could have looked over the sample questions a little more.
It was hard and long and boring
It was very hard and painful mentally and I can't wait till I can actually take and get it over with.
Its like the apitude test from "Divergent" you don't how to prepare, you don't nessecarily know what's on it! So how can you study? But my reaction was "Oh my Gosh, a three and a half hour test. Ha, I'm going to be a zombie before I finish."
It was easier than i thought and wasn't that stressful
intense, I could have studied harder for the PSATs.
I was not prepared, if I rad more books I would be more prepared.
I think it was sort of easy, but I have a bad habit of zoning out. As you may expect, I zoned out a lot during the test.
I felt that I could have been prepared more for the test. Maybe, go over it more in class.
I didn't study, I probably should've reviewed vocabulary. Overall I felt pretty good about it.
it was stupid and an absolute waste of my time
I felt okay on the PSAT and i could have studied more.
Yes, I felt prepared, and I felt confident on the test, because I have taken it before, and many many practices. I practiced for it the whole summer, but I feel as if I could and still can practice on the improving sentences, because for some of the answers that I get wrong, I've never understood why.
I think it was hard because i need more work in vocabulary because most of the questions had words i haven't seen before
I felt prepared and it was up to my level of knowledge and understanding
I did not feel prepared ad I did not have enough time to finish
i thought it was a pretty nerve wrecking experience although it was just a practice i cant help but think about when the sat comes around how that a single test grade can determine my future. i wasnt really prepared i didnt do anything to study. i probably should read more to prepare
The PSAT on the english section was hard, but we i used the knowledge given by my teacher in our practice paper given. I was not very scared to confront the PSAT. It would have been better if we practiced more suffixes and prefixes during class for the PSAT.
I felt very prepared for the PSAT because I had taken the test last year and I already knew how to prepare.
I felt completely lost and confused during the PSAT's it worried till I realized it wasn't serious right now.

Have you participated in Socratic Seminar before?


Optional - Take this chance to address any additional comments, concerns, or questions. Is there anything else your instructor can do to make your experience in this class more meaningful?

Probably nothing.
the class should do teams and the winner gets a reward (that's a good way to get your students to have better grades)
I really enjoy having you as a teacher this is one of my favorite classes, thanks for all your help this year.
I love this class!
Even though I have only read 7 books this year some of them are really long.
This is honestly one of my favorite classes, I look forward to it every B-day.
This class is a fun experience and it helps me become a better writer with the Process Writings.
We should totally have a day where we either bring candy or make baked items for the class and then discuss Books and Movies, or Books that are movies.
Have us do more group activities together to learn new things.
I think we should have more time to write our process writing papers.
pineapple............................................................... :)
I think you are doing wonderful!! C:
Thank you for making a very realistic class. By this, I mean making a class that will most likely reflect our future struggles and assignments in jobs and life
can we have more worksheets that will increase our vocab/reading/writing skills? also, can we have food? food would be good! (such as having small parties if we achieve goals such as everyone getting an A in the class, etc)
Thank you for permitting student involvement through surveys to overall make the class much better!
You're one of my favorite teachers so thank you!
No, I like this class how it is
More work on vocabulary and psat questions
I thank Mr.Koch for such great opportunities. I hope I improve. I'm sorry if I didn't answer accurately to these questions. I believe this class will help me improve A LOT.
You should explain assignments more thoroughly, and we should have a more organized structure in the classroom.
I think Mr. Koch is doing a pretty spot-on job so far this year. No complains from me.
This class is awesome.
Just keep up the class, you've been a really awesome teacher for me. :D
I want to become better in analysis. I feel that when I read I figure out the meaning for it, but I don't go deeper. I just do the bare minimum. I want to especially in the Socratic Seminar to have a good analysis on the story.

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