Monday, October 6, 2014

A Friend’s Suicide

One of my dads’ employees took his life on February 14, 2013.  I wrote this poem in honor of him.  Rest in peace.

A Friend’s Suicide

Dads voice,
“J took his life,”
Disbelief, sorrow, pain.

My body shaking,
Voice trembling,
As I listened to the horror,

Friendliest guy ever,
Polite, sensitive, a gentleman,
Always had smile on his face,
A true gem lost forever.

Seemed so happy,
Full of energy,
Overflowing with life.

Always looked put together,
Had no idea,
He felt so alone,

Isolated, empty, sad,
Is this what he felt?
How had I missed the signs?
Perhaps I could have helped.

Grief, tears, guilt,
Wish he would have known,
How truly friends did care,
If only…

Life is fragile,
Offer a smile,
Take a hand,

Embrace everyone.


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