Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh Yum, Pumpkin Pie

Ethan McFerren
Mr. Koch
English 9H
October 27, 2014
Oh Yum, Pumpkin Pie
            Have you ever had pumpkin pie, on Thanksgiving, or just a special occasion,
Do you remember cutting a really, really huge piece with the silver cutter, with the chatter of people in the background, and you are oblivious to them,
Do you remember getting a spotless white plate, porcelain or plastic, and putting the pie on it with giddy excitement, and collecting the silver spoon,
Do you remember spraying and spurting whip cream, that wonderful whip cream, on to the back of your pie for five long seconds near the crispy crust,
Do you recall the first bite, where you take a third of the pie into your spoon, and attempt to chew, but swallow so quickly because you can only chew a few times, and the memories of walking to Michael’s on a wintery day come flooding back,
And do you recall the second bite, where the flavor of pumpkin invades your tongue, that gentle pumpkin flavor spreading inside your mouth reminding you of autumn,

And do you remember the last bite, the very last bite, where you scoop the rest of the pie and savor the moment, the cool whip cream, the piping crusty crust, and the last chunk of pie, and chew twenty times, and then swallow very, very slowly, inch by inch, until the last has gone down your throat, and you stare in mourning at the pumpkin stained plate and spoon? I do. 

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