Friday, October 10, 2014

Lifeproof Business Letter

September 25, 2014

Brian Thomas
209 S Meldrum
Fort Collins, CO 80521 USA

 Dear Mr. Brian Thomas:

I am writing this letter to notify you that customer service has yet to address the problem I am having with my I phone 4s Life Proof case.

I am dissatisfied with the product I bought from your company. Within the first week of using my brand new case my phone was damaged due to being brought in the water one time. I had all the parts on the case and didn’t bring the case in water deeper than three feet and according to the Life Proof guarantees the phone will be protected.

I understand that the Life Proof liability does not cover any devices damaged while using the Life Proof case. Since my problem still remains unsolved, I am requesting that you fully refund me for the I phone 4s Life Proof case.

Please contact me within 5-7 business days to confirm that you will honor my request. If not I will file a complaint once more to customer service for further investigation.

Thank you for your assistance in resolving my problem. Please contact me at if you have any questions.


Erin Flaherty

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