Monday, October 6, 2014

A Midnight Goodbye

A Midnight Goodbye

I open my eyes feeling full of fear.
I just know that something or someone is here.
All I see is pitch black like the night sky,
But then I feel an angry glare right behind my ear.

I progressively turn my head around,
To spot a figure a little over the ground.
I squint my eyes to make sure this isn't real,
I see nothing at all but hear a distant sound.

The sound gets more deafening as I approach my door.
The hairs on my neck stand up like dominoes on the floor.
My heart is a snare drum as I start to freak,
Then sweat forms on my forehead faster than before.

I hesitate and take a few steps back to my bed.
I close my eyes and sleep instead.
I wake up to realize this was just a dream,
Or was she mistaken because I heard a scream.

Poor girl, she was all alone.
But I feel no pity!
She’s dead and you’ll never know.

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